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The air compressor is very useful in an engine. It can compress the air, push the brake pump, clutch pump, thus controlling the braking of the car. Air compressor compressed air can be used to drop brake hydraulic functions, so as to realize the cooling of the brake drum, which effectively reduce automobile in daily route. Air compressor is the heart of the automobile air conditioning system, which can make the auto refrigerant from the conversion process of gas into a liquid, so as to achieve the purpose of the refrigerant heat setting. At the same time, in the automobile air conditioning system, the air compressor is also the pressure source for the medium operation in the pipeline. Without it, the air conditioning system not only cannot cool but also loses the basic power to operate.

Good belts like the automotive serpentine belt and automotive v belts are an important part of the air compressor. Without high-quality serpentine belts or car v belts, the air compressor in the engine is very prone to a variety of faults, so we again recommend Shanjing serpentine belts and v belts. These two high-quality belts can make the air compressor run efficiently. As an important part of car operation, a rubber belt is connected with all kinds of parts. In case of rupture or slippage, the relevant air conditioning compressor, power steering pump, and the alternator will stop working. Therefore, it is necessary to master the method of identifying the merits and demerits of the automobile belt.

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