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Belts for Your Car

  • Car Engine
    Car Engine
    Shanjing manufactures timing belts are not easy to break. With the mature technolog, Shanjing timing belts is low cost and small noise.
  • Car Cooling Fan
    Car Cooling Fan
    The v belt and serpentine belt are vital to the car cooling fan. If the belt is in bad condition, the car cooling fan will not work properly. Shanjing supplies high quality serpentine belt and v blet which help cooling fan system reach peak state.
  • Power Steering Pump
    Power Steering Pump
    Shanjing supplied serpentine belt and v blet with high quality belts can make the power steering pump run efficiently.
  • Water Pump
    Water Pump
    The pump is usually driven by the crankshaft of the engine through the V belt. Common forms of water pump damage: water pump shell, clamp groove and impeller rupture. However, shanjing supplies high quality serpentine belt and v blet which can help water pump run efficiently.
  • Belt Driven Air Compressor
    Belt Driven Air Compressor
    Good belt is an important part of the air compressor. Shanjing provides serpentine belts and v belts that can reduce the rupture or slippage.
  • Supercharger
    The supercharger driven by engine power will bring additional burden to the engine. A high quality belt can reduce the resistance between the engine and other parts.
Belts for Your Car
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