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Car Belt Replacement Cycle and Skills

It should be noted that the timing belt is not the only rubber material. Some models use a metal chain for the timing belt, which is the timing chain in our mouth. The replacement cycle between them must be different. Generally speaking, the replacement cycle of the timing chain is longer than that of the timing belt, and the replacement cost will be higher.


Timing chain

Even if they are all timing belts, the replacement cycle will vary from model to model. Usually the car timing belt replacement cycle is around 60,000 kilometers, and the general timing chain is free of replacement, and a few need to be replaced is also more than 100,000 kilometers. However, the specific time is subject to the calibration cycle of each model. The car owners can check it through their car maintenance manual.


Timing belt

Of course, the specific replacement cycle not only needs to refer to the replacement requirements of the vehicle model, but also needs to be adjusted according to your driving habits and maintenance habits. In addition, when the timing belt needs to be replaced, the related accessories will also be replaced together. Unless serious quality problems occur, the accessories will need to be replaced together when the timing belt is replaced.


When changing the engine belt, be sure to align the timing before removing the timing belt. Only when the timing is correct can the tensioner be removed. Only then can the belt be removed. Try not to get the mark wrong when installing the belt. After installing the belt, use a wrench to turn the crankshaft twice, and then look at the mark. If the mark is correct, install other things on the top. Now most cars are easy to top the valve, so the timing mark must be correct. Replace on time according to the requirements of the user manual.


If you feel that you can't solve it, you can go directly to the repair shop to get the , and you must choose a regular repair shop. Because the small repair shop does not have any quality assurance, it may also lead to consumers being deceived.

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