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Car Belt Replacement

When many drivers maintain and repair their cars, the most-repaired items they have heard about should be "engine oil to be changed", "spark plug to be changed", "glass water to be changed" and so on. But few drivers have heard of the "engine belt" project. In fact, the car's engine belt is also very important. It is like the "center" of a car. If it breaks, then the car will become a "plant car". If the car engine belt is worn out for a long time without maintenance, it will lose its function like the nerve center of the human body, causing a lot of trouble and even danger to the driver.

So what is an engine belt? The engine belt has a professional term called "timing belt", which is an important component of the engine's gas distribution system. It is the bridge between the engine gas distribution system and the crankshaft. It serves as a link and is the primary component to ensure the normal operation of the engine. It is also the primary component to accurately control the intake and exhaust. Without the intake and exhaust system of the car, it will not work properly, and the entire car is "spent". Timing belts are generally made of rubber materials because it can reduce noise. Because it is a rubber product, regular maintenance is very important. So how often is it appropriate to change the car engine belt?

The timing of the car timing belt replacement has also been strictly regulated. Generally speaking, the manufacturer requires the car to replace the timing belt when the mileage is 60,000 to 100,000. The most suitable replacement time should be about 80,000 kilometers. Because if it is replaced later, the timing belt is prone to breakage. This is not the worst. It is different from tires that can be changed directly. To change the timing belt, you need to go to a special auto parts company or car repair shop for repairs. It is recommended that it must be replaced in about 2-3 years.

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