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Car Fan Belt

A belt-driven by a crankshaft whose main purpose is to drive an engine fan and a water pump. The fan belt drives the fan to cool the coolant.

The fan belt is often referred to as the accessory belt. The fan belt rotates around a pulley attached to the flywheel to power auxiliary pumps and motors such as water pumps, air conditioning compressors, alternators, power brakes, and power steering pumps. Some cars have a huge serpentine belt that drives all the auxiliary motors. Other cars distribute the work more evenly by using two belts. As you can see, fan belts are important items that should be checked on your car maintenance list from time to time. Whether your car has one or two belts, you can replace your fan belt with some time and some simple tools you already have in the house.

Types of Rubber Belt

There are three types of rubber belts commonly used in cars: fan belts, multi-wedge belts, and automotive timing belt.

Installation position of automobile belt: in automobile application. It is mainly installed in the position of crankshaft CAM, water pump, generator, air conditioning compressor, steering pump, and so on. The fan belt is a belt-driven by the crankshaft, its main purpose is to drive the engine fan and water pump.

The automotive v belts and car serpentine belt are vital to the car cooling fan. If the belt is in bad condition, the car cooling fan will not work properly. The basic reason of insufficient charging and too fast temperature rise is that the fan belt is too loose or the belt fails. As a power transmission means is the most common belt, easy to buy at economic prices, and easy to replace. 

Shanjing supplies quality automotive serpentine belt and automotive v belts which can be used for fan belts.

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