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Car Engine Belt

The engine belt has a professional term called "timing belt". It is an important part of the engine gas distribution system. What's more, it is the bridge between the engine gas distribution system and the crankshaft. The main components for controlling the intake and exhaust, the car's intake and exhaust system would not work properly without it. Car timing belts are generally made of rubber materials because it can reduce noise. The function of the car timing belt is that when the engine is running, the piston stroke (up and down movement) valve opening and closing (time) ignition sequence (time), in the "timing" connection, and these two parts always keep synchronous operation. Automotive timing belt was first introduced in the 1960s for most 4-cylinder cars and are increasingly used in V6 engines. Car timing belts were originally used on cam-mounted engines and are more prone to damage than traditional timing chains. Timing means that each cylinder exactly does: piston up just to the top stop, valve just closed, spark plug just ignition by the engine's timing mechanism.

People should pay attention to the protection of the automotive timing belt when driving. Some driving behavior will easily cause it to break, such as the full load of the car, overload, and other behavior. As the load increases, the engine needs more power. The stronger the force on the timing belt at this time, the longer the life of the belt will be greatly reduced.

The timing belt has been used in the engine for a long time with the mature technology, low cost, and small noise. The timing chain has the remarkable advantages of compact structure, high transmission power, high reliability and wear resistance, lifetime maintenance-free, and so on.

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