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Characteristics of Road Cones - Ice Cream Cones

Road cones are also called roadblocks, which are commonly known as ice cream cones. They are the most common standard part of road construction settings. They are placed in the middle of roads, dangerous areas and road construction areas, etc. Also, they are set up where it is necessary to temporarily separate traffic flow, guide traffic, and guide vehicles to bypass dangerous areas. They can protect the construction site facilities and personnel around places or other appropriate places.

Road cones have reflective materials and non-reflective materials, and normally used road cones are attached to highly reflective materials. The rubber road cone is integrally molded from rubber by steam high-temperature vulcanization. There are also PVC, PU (European road cones use hard blow-molded PE road cones, and American road cones use soft PVC road cones.) and other materials that combine the toughness of rubber. They have characteristics of aging resistance, pressure resistance, lightness and durability. In addition, they have good reflective effects due to high-strength reflective films. They are suitable for warning separation of traffic lanes, sidewalks, and buildings. Our company can provide a variety of customized traffic cones according to customer requirements to meet all needs.

The application occasion determines the material, height, color and reflective material of the road cone:

Road cones of 90cm and 70cm should be used for highway maintenance.

Road cones of 70cm should be used for the maintenance and repair of urban road intersections.

Road cones of various colors of 70cm-45cm should be used at the entrances and exits of schools and hotels.

Fluorescent red road cones of 45cm should be used in large ground parking lots (outdoor parking lots).

Yellow road cones of 45cm should be used in the underground parking lot (indoor parking lot).

Blue road cones of 45cm-30cm should be used in schools and other public sports venues.

Matching items:

There are built-in, plug-in, external flashing lights, plastic warning chains, various guardrail belts, guardrails, and various signs, etc.


1. They have good flexibility and resistance to automobile rolling. And they will not be damaged by hard objects.

2. They are sun-proof, and durable in windy and rainy weather. They are heat-resistant and cold-resistant without cracking.

3. They are red with white, which are eye-catching. And they can reflect dazzling light at night so that drivers can see at a glance.

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