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Does Weather Affect Solar Traffic Lights?

1. Does weather affect solar traffic lights?

As we all know, solar traffic lights rely on solar power to operate normally. With the product becoming more widely used, people begin to doubt it. Some people think that solar traffic lights are too restrictive because they will not be used if the weather is not good, which will seriously affect traffic safety.

Due to the doubts about solar traffic lights, some people disagree with the replacement of traditional traffic lights.

2. The development of solar traffic lights

The solar signal light uses LED as the light source, and it is generally composed of multiple LED luminous bodies. The design of the picture light can make the LED form a variety of pictures by adjusting the layout. Also, it can integrate various colors and various signals. In this way, the same light space can offer more traffic information and configure more traffic options.        

In addition, the radiation spectrum of the solar traffic lights is narrow band, with good monochromaticity, and no filter is needed. Therefore, the light emitted from solar traffic lights basically can be widely used. Also, they make the signal light more humanized and vivid, which is difficult to achieve with traditional light sources.

With the development of technology, the solar signal light will be equipped with a power storage device. So, signal lights can work normally even in bad weather.

Therefore, solar traffic lights have begun to be used in many areas to reduce traffic pressure and congestion, as well as to save electricity and save costs.

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