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Have You Noticed the Engine Drive Belt?

Since engine drive belt is made of rubber, it will inevitably age during its using process. In a normal working environment, the transmission belt can reach an ideal service life. While in an actual use and maintenance, the service life of the engine transmission belt may be affected due to improper handling.

1. Ambient temperature

In order to save fuel and reduce the size and weight, modern engines are designed to be very compact, which will increase the temperature in the engine compartment and make the working environment of the engine drive belt quite harsh. The service life of the engine belt decreases as the ambient temperature increases. Therefore, the use of a vehicle in a high temperature environment will shorten the engine transmission belt.

2. Lubricant

Engine drive belt does not need lubrication. If there is lubricating oil on the engine transmission belt, the engine transmission belt may slip and accelerate wear. At the same time, the lubricating oil will accelerate the aging process of the rubber. Therefore, please remember not to put the engine transmission belt in the oil! If your drive belt is accidentally stained with oil, please use it with caution and it is best to replace it immediately.

3. Installation tension

Engine drive belt is driven by friction between the sides and the pulleys. Therefore, the size of the installation tension will directly affect the use of the engine drive belt: if the tension is too small, it will cause the belt to slip. The slip will not only aggravate the wear on both sides of the belt, but the accumulation of heat generated by the slip will also accelerate the aging process of the engine drive belt. It may cause stratified of the belt and loss its working ability if the installation tension is too large.

Please install strictly in accordance with the requirements of installation tension from the manufacturer!

Please check and adjust the belt tension regularly to keep the tension within the specified range.

4. Pulley

Engine drive belt transmits power through the pulley. The damage of the pulley may cause damage to the engine drive belt, such as bearing wear and contact surface damage. Therefore, please pay attention to check its running status of the end face components regularly!

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