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How to Identify the Damage of Automobile Belt?

Automobile belt is a kind of rubber product. With the increase of their working time, automotive belts and related accessories will wear and aging. Therefore, it is very important to correctly and timely understand the use status of automobile belts. Next, let's talk about how to identify the damage of the belt from the sound and appearance.


1.Listen to the sound to see if it's good or bad

When the belt squeaks, it generally means that the friction coefficient of the belt surface is greatly reduced, and the belt has been excessively worn. If there is a noise when the vehicle is under load, you may wish to observe one of the transmission belts, and you will find that the resistance or elasticity of the automatic belt tensioner or the belt elastic wheel will increase abnormally. When you hear the belt rumbling, it means the belt is shaking. This situation occurs generally because the drive belt is too loose and stretched too long, or the belt tensioner and elastic wheel are damaged.


2. Watch the belt change

The belt becomes longer: The first step to check whether the belt is normal is to check the belt tension. Use your fingers to strongly press the middle of the belt pulley. If the pressure is about 10kg and the belt reduction is about 10mm, the belt tension is just right. If the amount is too large, it means that the belt tension is insufficient. The cause of the insufficient tension may be that the fastening wheel is loose, or the belt has become longer. If the belt becomes longer, it means that the belt has been deformed and needs to be replaced in time.


Loose belt cracking: If the belt is found to have reduced hardness, abrasion, fiber breakage, cracks, burrs, etc., it indicates that the belt has been damaged and cannot be used.


Summary: Counterfeit and inferior belts will not only affect the normal operation of the engine and accelerate the damage of the vehicle, but may also affect the driving safety of the driver. Therefore, for our own safety, we must carefully discern when purchasing belts, compare them carefully, and must purchase them from regular automotive belt manufacturers. At the same time, in the daily use process, it should be timely maintained and discovered in time.




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