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Let's Understand the Serpentine Belt

1. What is the serpentine belt?

You can find a belt of a set of belts attached to the pulley on the front of the engine under the car. If there is only one belt that passes through several different pulleys, this is a serpentine belt.

2. The characteristics of the serpentine belt

The serpentine belt for cars is different from other types of belt systems since it is a long, continuous belt that connects several different devices. In general, most cars have begun to use this system to improve efficiency and ease of use.

In general, car engines use pulley systems. If one of the belts is broken, the driver may not realise that one of the equipment is missing. The serpentine belt is connected to all the pulleys of the peripheral equipment, and the driver can quickly notice if the belt breaks. This is because all peripheral equipment (including the power steering system) will be affected immediately or shut down completely.

Alternators are usually operated by pulleys or belts. The serpentine belt is easier to install than a separate belt, and there is usually a movable pulley to tension the serpentine belt. Therefore, the belt can be simply replaced by loosening the pulley, removing the old belt, replacing the new serpentine belt and tightening it to the proper position.

Compared with smaller and weaker separate belts, the serpentine belt is less prone to stretch and break. The tension is more evenly distributed along the length of the belt. Since the serpentine belt is longer, larger, and wider than a separate belt, it has a longer service life and can resist frequent breakage.

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