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Methods to Identify Abnormal Noise of Engine Belt

In most cases, the abnormal noise of the car belt is caused by the looseness of it, which will lead to cars skidding. In this case, you'd better go to the garage to make a repair. Once the belt slips, it will be stretched longer due to the heavy friction at high temperature, which in turn leads to more serious slip, and then enter into a vicious circle. Therefore, it is important to change the belt timely. If you have driven almost 20,000 kilometers without changing the belt before, you should change it now. Otherwise, it will cause more serious damage.

Methods to identify abnormal noise of engine belt:

step 1:

If there is abnormal noise in the engine compartment, it usually means that the car belt is loose or in bad quality, so we must first check the engine belt. If there are more than one belt and you can not determine which one is it, try to start the car, and then pour some water on the belt. If the noise disappears, then that is it. In this way, we can check whether the belt is loose or in bad quality.

The principle of watering the car belt is actually to increase its viscosity, which will return to its original state after the water dries.

Step 2:

We can also determine the problematic belt by the sound. If the noise occurs when the air conditioner turns on, maybe something is wrong with the compressor belt of the air conditioner. If it is the steering wheel, maybe something is wrong with the steering pump belt. If the noise appears during a clod startup, maybe something is wrong with the engine belt. We can check them one by one.

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