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Notes for Replacing Triangle Belt in Automobile

For car owners who are familiar with machinery, the most difficult part of replacing the automotive v belt is to adjust the belt tension. The tension should not be too loose or too tight. Whether the belt tension is suitable or not depends on not slipping when dragging a certain torque. Improper maintenance, improper installation due to lack of tools, and worn pulley grooves or worn side belts are all causes of improper tension. Therefore, the following steps should be taken when selecting automobile triangle belts:

(1) Make sure that the car and the fan cannot be started when the belt is replaced.

(2) Loosen the installation lock column and adjusting bolt, and move the generator to remove the old V-belt.

(3) Put the new V-belt on the pulley. Never use a screwdriver or a spudger to pry the belt onto the pulley. Doing so will lose tension and shorten the life of the belt.

(4) After inserting the V-belt into the wheel groove, move the parts of the generator and the generator body that are not easy to pry, and then tighten the adjustment bolt.

(5) Consult the maintenance manual, car manual, and V-belt product instructions, and select the appropriate tension.

(6) Use the tension gauge to accurately measure the tension of the belt. The finger pressure method is not as accurate as the tensiometer. In modern engines, the tension of the belt is relatively high, that is, the belt pulley bears a greater tension, the distance between the belts is shorter, and the belt cross section is less. Therefore, the tension estimated by the feeling is different from the actual tension. Shiatsu is a subjective method of measurement, which varies from person to person. When measuring by finger pressure method, different models have different requirements.

(7) After running the belt for 15 to 20 minutes, make the belt fit the pulley groove, and the tension will be relaxed. Therefore, the belt must be adjusted again.

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