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Car Parking Stopper SJ-1903

Car Parking Stopper SJ-1903
Car Parking Stopper SJ-1903
Car Parking Stopper SJ-1903

Taizhou ShanJing auto parts Limited as a manufacturer of rubber auto products in industry over 11 years. customer's good feedback is the power to give us insist on provide high quality car Stopper Parking.

Long reflective Parking Stopper











How to install car parking stopper SJ-1903

fixed behind the parking space, 1 meter away from the front. Installation method: Fix it in each parking space with the blasting screw during installation. It is also necessary to use a bullet line and use a spike or bolt to secure one bit to ensure that the wheel petitioners of each parking space are on the same line. If the parking space is grass, the foundation should be made first to fix the seat.


Characteristics of car parking stopper SJ-1903

1.Made of high-strength rubber, it has good compression resistance and a certain softness on the slope.

2.The surface is covered with a yellow crystal lattice with high abrasion resistance and high reflection brightness, which makes the parking space stop black and yellow, especially eye-catching. At night, the yellow crystal color grid reflects the light

3.The installation is stable and does not slide when the vehicle hits.

4.Special process ensures long-lasting color and is not easy to fade

5.Simple installation, easy maintenance, stable and reliable

6.Beautiful and effective, effectively regulate the parking order


Functions of Car Parking Stopper SJ-1903

The car parking stopper is equipped with a gear wheel lever to avoid damage to the building caused by improper reversing and damage to the car. Damage to buildings and cars can be minimized even if the vehicle is accidentally bumped.


Other notes of Car Parking Stopper SJ-1903 

1.Payment term:30% payment as deposit balance payment before transporting.

2.Payment :T/T and Paypal

transportation: we accept EXW,FOB and CIF shipping term.  we also can offer door to door shipping.  

Return question:

Any defective part just supply us the pictures our after-sale department will handle it with 24 hours.

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