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The timing belt uses steel wire rope or glass fiber as a strong layer and is covered with an endless belt made of polyurethane or neoprene. The inner periphery of the auto timing belt is toothed to make it mesh with the toothed belt wheel. When the rubber belt is driven, the transmission ratio is accurate, the force on the shaft is small, the structure is compact, oil resistance, good abrasion resistance, and good aging resistance. The general use temperature is -20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, v <50m / s, P <300kw, i <10, can also be used for low-speed transmission for transmissions requiring synchronization.

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Construction of Auto Timing Belt

Construction of Auto Timing Belt

1Top rubberProtect the lining tensile memberCR
2Tensile memberProtect the tensile member and maintain the shape of the rubber, prevent the rubber from stretching.Glass fiber
3Teeth rubberProtect the tensile member and maintain the shape of the rubber.CR
4Teeth fabricExcellent frictional resistance prolongs the service life of the product.Nylon fabric

The Section Size of Automotive Timing Belt

Section of sizeDimensionProfile of Tooth
MR9.5255.72.20±0.253.4Round Tooth
RU9.5255.412.00±0.253.41Trap ezoidal tooth
YU85.32.25±0.253.05Trap ezoidal tooth
ZA9.5254.212.30±0.251.91Trap ezoidal tooth
ZBS9.5255.062.30±0.252.6Trap ezoidal tooth
S8M85.32.25±0.252.9Trap ezoidal tooth
MY85.212.15±0.253.06Round Tooth
ZB9.5254.52.21±0.252.29Trap ezoidal tooth

We can offer car timing belt for American cars, German cars, Japanese cars, Korean cars, French cars, it's easy to search the belt which you need by simple two ways: searching by OEM No. of Car V belt or searching by a brand of CAR from the searching box in the first page.

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