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Corner Guards

Shanjing rubber safety corner guards with eye-catching yellow as the same as the black ones, they can enhance the visibility of the day. Wall corner protectors supplied by Shanjing is embedded with high-brightness yellow reflective material. Therefore, in the poor light or night, it can improve safety by attracting drivers' attention. The Corner Guard with Rubber which body is soft. Shanjing is one of the walls and corner guard suppliers from China, our rubber corner guards can effectively protect vehicles and buildings. 

Find Your Corner Guards

Traffic Facilities Width(mm) Height(mm) Weight(kg)
Corner Guard SJ-2002 125 1200 4
Corner Guard SJ-2003 125 1000 3
Corner Guard SJ-2004 125 560 2
Corner Guard SJ-2005 145 1200 4
Corner Guard SJ-2006 75 600 1.9
Corner Guard SJ-2007 130 800 3.5
Corner Guard SJ-2008 130 800 3.5
Corner Guard SJ-2001 100 1000 2.4

The function of Corner guard:

Corner guard is also known as wall corner guards. Shanjing Corner Guard is used to attract drivers’ attention when in the dark situation.

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