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Curb Ramp

The curb ramp supplied by Shanjing is made of high-strength rubber. The rubber kerb ramp is sturdy and durable, with long-lasting pressure and long life. It can less wear and tear on the car. The advantage of Shanjing vehicle curb ramps are no noise, excellent shock absorption, and strong pressure resistance. The slope design is reasonable and suitable for both large and small vehicles. Shanjing long kerb ramps can effectively protect the safety of roadside stones and vehicles. The slope is non-slip to prevent the wheels from slipping during rain and snow.

Find Your Curb Ramp

Traffic Facilities Width(mm) Height(mm) Length(mm) Weight(kg)
Curb Ramp SJ-2101 260/270 65/103/125 476/496/485 1.2
Curb Ramp SJ-2102 267/277/273 67/105/130 492/502 1.8
Curb Ramp SJ-2103 350 140 490 4

The Function Of Curb Ramp:

Curb Ramp is also called road ramp . main ramps are made by rubber is a means to get traffic onto a controlled access highway from uncontrolled access road. Shanjing vehicle curb ramps made by advanced technology, combines the soft and skid-proof advantages from rubber, so it's not easy to be out of shape. Curb ramp supplied by Shanjing is sturdy and durable,with double mounting holes.

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