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Industrial Timing Belt

Shanjing is one of the industrial timing belt manufacturers form China, our industrial timing belt drives consists of an endless belt whose inner surface has equally spaced teeth and of belt wheels which have the corresponding teeth and is a kind of new type belt drive which has synthesized all the good points of belt drive, chain drive and gear drive, which working the teeth of the belt and the gullets of the gear joggle each other to transmit the motion and the dynamic force.  

The industrial synchronous belts have such features as exact transmission ratio, on-sliding, constant velocity ratio which can be gained, even motion, adsorption of vibration, little noises, the big range of transmission ratio which can normally reach 1:10, that the allowed linear velocity can reach 40m/s, that the transmission power can be from after W to hundreds of KW, nigh transmission efficiency which normally reaches 0.98, compacting structure, the suitability to multi-axle transmission, no need of lubrication, no pollution and so on. Therefore the industrial synchronous belts can normally work well in places where no pollution is allowed and where the working condition is worse and textile, chemical engineering, light industry, mining, instruments, oil industry and so all kinds of another machinery drive. 

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