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Road Barriers

Road Barriers supplied by Shanjing is convenient and easy to carry because it needn't use a crane-like a cement pier, which can save manpower and cost. Shanjing road safety barriers can be used on most roads without causing roadside injuries. Most important is that Shanjing rubber road barriers can be installed without any road construction. And the product supports stacking items to reduce the use area. It is worth mentioning that the flexibility of the Shanjing safety road barriers. You can follow any road curve bending adjustment. Shanjing road safety barriers have a clear color. You can choose different colors according to the road requirements. Shanjing rubber road barriers can be used in series for better overall endurance.

Find Your Road Barriers

Traffic Facilities Top/Bottom(mm) Height(mm) Length(mm)
Road Barriers SJ-2302 300/600 900 1200
Road Barriers SJ-2303 120/400 1090 1100
Road Barriers SJ-2304 50/400 1900 970
Road Barriers SJ-2305 200/400 650 1300
Road Barriers SJ-2306 120/280 600 1060
Road Barriers SJ-2307 200/400 800 2000
Road Barriers SJ-2308 150/400 650 1650
Road Barriers SJ-2309 150/430 1300 1500
Road Barriers SJ-2301 500 1000

The Function Of Road Barriers

Road Barrier is also known as road protection barriers and rubber road barriers. Shanjing road barriers adopts imported PE material, which is more resilient after adding water. Rubber road barriers supplied by Shanjing can absorb strong impact, thus effectively reducing the injury to vehicles, pedestrians and fence workers. 

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