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Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2410

Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2410
Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2410
Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2410

Taizhou ShanJing auto parts Limited as a manufacturer of rubber auto products in industry over 11 years. customer's good feedback is the power to give us insist on provide high quality Rubber Speed Bump.

1000MM Long Rubber Speed Bump specification:











Elongation at break


The stretching length

15.2 Mpa


20 tons

Characters of Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2410

Professional design, remarkable deceleration performance, no noise and uncomfortable; high-strength rubber is sturdy and practical, with long-lasting pressure; quick and flexible combination according to actual requirements, easy to install; black and yellow, no matter the day and night, it has extraordinary performance, attracting drivers Attention, successful deceleration; a wide range of applications, a new generation of security products, a good helper for managers. The speed reducer is also called the speed reducer, the deceleration arch, the buffer belt, the deceleration slope, the speed reduction rubber, the deceleration pad, and the deceleration road arch.


Functions of Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2410

Remind the driver to slow down. When the car passes, there is a function of anechoic and reply to prevent the brakes from being accidentally caused by traffic accidents. Some speed bumps are also inlaid with reflectors, which reflect bright red or green light at night, which can attract the driver's attention, reduce the speed and improve safety.


Other notes of Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2410

1.Payment term:30% payment as deposit balance payment before transporting.

2.Payment :T/T and Paypal

transportation: we accept EXW,FOB and CIF shipping term.  we also can offer door to door shipping.  

Return question:

Any defective part just supply us the pictures our after-sale department will handle it with 24 hours.

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