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Rubber Speed Bump

Rubber speed bumps produced by Shanjing have a professional design and remarkable deceleration performance. High-strength rubber is sturdy and practical with long-lasting pressure. Rubber traffic speed bumps can combination quickly and flexibly according to actual requirements. What's more, it's greatly easy to install. Shanjing manufactures both black and yellow speed bumps. No matter the day and night, it has an extraordinary performance by attracting drivers' attention, then the driver has successful deceleration; Shanjing as a road hump supplier manufactures a new generation of road safety facilities which is a good helper for users.

Find Your Rubber Speed Bump

Traffic Facilities Width(mm) Height(mm) Length(mm) Weight(kg)
Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2401 350/pc 30/pc 500/pc 10.6/pc
Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2402 600/pc 30/pc 470/pc 10/pc
Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2403 500/pc 35/pc 500/pc 16.2/pc
Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2404 900/pc 50/pc 500/pc 18.5/pc
Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2405 100/pc 15/pc 500/pc 1.8/pc
Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2406 300/pc 50/pc 1000/pc 12/pc
Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2407 380/pc 50/pc 1000/pc 16/pc
Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2408 300/pc 68/pc 800/pc 12.3/pc
Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2409 350/pc 50/pc 500/pc 14.5/pc
Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2410 350/pc 50/pc 1000/pc 14/pc
Rubber Speed Bump SJ-2411 350/pc 50/pc 250/pc 15/pc

The Function Of Road Barriers:

Shanjing speed bumps, also called rubber driveway bumps used to remind drivers to slow down. When the vehicle passes, the speed bump will have the sound elimination and the response function, so it can prevent the traffic accident caused by the brake accident. Some of Shanjing speed bumps are also equipped with reflectors that reflect bright red or green light at night and which can attract the driver's attention, slow down the speed and be safe.

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