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Rubber Traffic Cones

Shanjing traffic safety cones have good flexibility with features of anti-automobile rolling so that hard object impact will not be damaged. Shanjing rubber safety cones are also anti-sun, and not afraid of wind and rain, heat, cold, no cracking, no discoloration, and so on. 

Shanjing supply white and red color caution cones which are eye-catching. In the night, it can reflect the dazzling light to make the driver at a glance.

Find Your Rubber Traffic Cones

Traffic Facilities Width(mm) Weight(kg)
Traffic Cone SJ-2201 485 1.2
Traffic Cone SJ-2202 500 1.8
Traffic Cone SJ-2203 500 1.1
Traffic Cone SJ-2204 700 1.1/2.8/4
Traffic Cone SJ-2205 1000 9.35
Traffic Cone SJ-2206 750 4
Traffic Cone SJ-2207 1000 9.2

The Function Of Traffic Cones:

Rubber traffic cone, also known as traffic safety cones. Shanjing Traffic Cones is suitable for urban intersection lanes, highway maintenance, hotels, residential areas, stadiums, dangerous areas and road construction sites.

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