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Safety Mirror

Shanjing Safety mirror can be applied with any right angle of convenience stores, large supermarkets, road turning, factories, parking lots. Traffic safety mirrors supplied by Shanjing is anti-sunlight and easy to install. What's more, Shanjing road traffic safety mirrors body is light, safe, and reliable. 

Shanjing road traffic safety mirrors material: imported PC or acrylic, 304 # stainless steel material.

Shanjing road traffic safety mirrors back material: high-quality plastic or anti-aging glass steel, galvanized steel.

Find Your Safety Mirror

Traffic Facilities MODEL Diameter(mm) Weight(kg)
Safety Mirror SJ-2501 SJ-2501 310*460, 560*840 2.3-8
Safety Mirror SJ-2502 2.3-8
Safety Mirror SJ-2503 2.3-8
Safety Mirror SJ-2504 1.4-6.5
Safety Mirror SJ-2505 2.3-8
Safety Mirror SJ-2506 1-2

The Function Of Safety Mirror:

Safety mirror are also called convex mirrors. They can expand the driver's field of vision and find vehicles on the opposite side of the curve early to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. They are also used in supermarket anti-theft to monitor dead-angle rays.

Shanjing outdoor traffic mirror remind the driver to slow down. When the car passes, there is a function of anechoic and reply to prevent the brakes from being accidentally caused by traffic accidents. Some speed bumps are also inlaid with reflectors, which reflect bright red or green light at night, which can attract the driver's attention, reduce the speed and improve safety.

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