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Solar Traffic Lights

Solar traffic lights rely on the energy of the sun to ensure the normal use of the signal lights. The energy it uses is solar energy, which is both power-saving and environmentally friendly. There is no need to lay cables during installation. The solar traffic signal light has a power storage function, which can guarantee normal work for 10-30 days. The characteristic of solar energy products is that they can get rid of the restriction of electric wires, and can be arbitrarily installed on the section where the sun can reach. It is especially suitable for newly built intersections and can meet the needs of traffic police in responding to emergency power outages, power restrictions, and other emergencies.

Find Your Solar Traffic Lights

Traffic Facilities Voltage Viewing Distance Rainy Working Hours
Solar Traffic Lights SJ-2601 DC12V or DC6V > 1200m > 360h

The Function Of Solo Traffic Light:

Equipped with engineering vehicles, in the event of an accident at night, it can be taken out and placed at the front of the vehicle at any time to play a role of warning, asking for help, and protecting the scene.

The Features Of Solo Traffic Light :

1. Exquisite appearance and firm structure.

2. Double seal, the protection level meets the requirements of IP54.

3. The signal emits uniform color, high brightness, and long life, up to 100,000 hours.

4. Serialized products, combined as required, easy to install.

5. Light source life: ≥100000 / h.

6. Low power consumption: Because LED is used as the light source, it has the advantages of low power consumption and energy saving compared with traditional light sources (such as incandescent lamps).

7, working voltage: can be selected according to customer requirements.

8.Physical and mechanical properties:

Resistant to class 10 winds from 24.5 to 28.4m / s

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