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Reasons for Selecting Tread Regeneration Glue for Rubber Speed Bumps

Rubber speed bumps are made of rubber materials and have a sloped shape. They are often yellow and black in color. They are fixed to road junctions with expansion screws and are used as safety facilities to slow down vehicles. The scientific name is rubber deceleration ridge, which is designed according to the principle of the angle between the tire and the ground special rubber when the car is running, and is made of special rubber. It is a new type of special traffic safety device that is set at the entrance of highway crossings, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, residential quarters, etc. to slow down the speed of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles.

1. Tread reclaimed rubber for rubber speed belts can reduce raw material costs

Rubber speed bumps for driveway do not require high physical and mechanical properties, but they need to have good aging resistance. Natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber are raw materials for speed bumps, but these two types of rubber are expensive and fluctuate greatly. The reclaimed rubber includes butyl reclaimed rubber, tire reclaimed rubber, latex reclaimed rubber, etc.; if all reclaimed rubber is used for production, the speed belt produced by using the tread reclaimed rubber in the tire reclaimed rubber can meet the requirements of its use; and the price is much lower than that of natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber. The use of reclaimed rubber can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials.

2. The characteristics of the production of reclaimed tread rubber for rubber speed belts

The tensile strength of the speed belt is generally between 6-8.5MPA, the elongation at break is between 200-250%, and the hardness is between 65-85. A certain degree of hardness is necessary to ensure the deformation of the speed belt. Tread reclaimed rubber has the best comprehensive performance among the reclaimed tires. It is processed from the best piece of rubber in the tire; it has the characteristics of good elasticity, aging resistance, high strength, shock absorption, and wear resistance. The hardness is around 50.

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