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Replace Your Car Belts

Automotive belts are important part of automotive motor, and the function of automotive motor belt is to drive. If the belt breaks, the engine will stop operating out of electricity, and in severe cases, the engine will be damaged. The automotive belts wear rate of automotive motor is high. When there are core fracture and groove section cracking defects, the cover of the belt separated from the drawstring and other problems, the belt should be promptly replaced. Normally, the replacement time is indicated in the maintenance manual when purchasing the car. The automotive belts replacement method of automobile motor generally requires a professional to operate.

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How long we should be replacing a belt on a car

1.When we check the automotive belts, if we find defects in the core fracture and the groove fracture, then we need to replace it immediately.

2.When the cover of the belt is separated from the pull rope, or when the pull rope is loose, we have to change the belt.

3.When the belt is placed on the pulley, there should be a gap between the inner diameter of the belt and the bottom of the pulley slot, and if there is no gap, we must also replace the belt.

Car belt of the motor is made of rubber, and the belt wear rate is high. Because most belts on the car use the of material rubber, so the auto belt inevitably wears away and ages during long periods of high temperature work. So generally speaking, the car belt replacement time is regulated by car manufacturers,and there is some introduction in the vehicle maintenance manual .

According to the general car maintenance standards, after running about 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers the belt should be replaced, and some belts can be replaved after driving 80,000 to 100,000 kilometers.

How to replace a new belt for car

1. loose the motor fixing screw and the belt tightness adjusting screw.

2. push the generator against the engine to make the distance between the pulley the shortest, and then straighten the belt sleeve.

3. adjust the tightness of the belt to fit, and tighten the engine fixing screw and adjusting screw.

Car generator belt installation needs professional tools and technical advice from professionals to operate. Self-installation by car owners may cause damage. 

How to maintain the drive motor belt

1.After driving a certain distance, you should properly adjust the tightness of the generator belt. Fix the calibration screws as required to ensure that the screws on the foot frame of the generator maintain a certain tightness.

2.You should pay attention to the degree of bearing wear. If insufficient lubrication is found, you may add a few drops of oil from the mouth of the oil cup. Pay attention not to let the oil enter the rectifier, otherwise it will affect the effect of power transmission.

3.Rectifier scale can be polished with fine sand cloth.

4.Uneven brush contact surface can be leveled with fine sand cloth. Spring is not elastic enough, brush wear too much, both situations should replace new parts. The brush is too short and without breakage. The gasket can be plugged into the support to make it close to the rectifier.

Belts for Your Car
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