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Role of Car Belts (Top)

Do you believe that belts which are used as waistbands by human also exist in cars? It is known to all drivers that they are timing belts in the engine. Car belts are rubber products, whose function is to ensure that the engine ignites simultaneously when the cylinder moves, avoid wrong ignition, chaos and provide stable output. Let's follow SHANJING to learn more about the role of car belts:


1. Car belt is an important part of the air distribution system, which can ensure accurate timing of the air distribution by connection with the crankshaft as well as a certain transmission ratio. Belts are preferred to gears because it provides low noise, accurate transmission, small changes in itself, and easy compensation. It is obvious that the life of the belt is shorter than that of the metal gear, thus should be replaced regularly.

2. The function of car belts is to ensure simultaneous action of the piston(going up and down), the opening and close of the valve(time), and the timing of ignition(sequence), all joint by the timing belt. That is to say: when the piston goes to the highest point, simultaneously the valve closes and the ignition plug ignites.

3. Car belts are consumable products, and once the timing belt is broken, the camshaft will definitely not run as fixed, which is very likely to cause a harsh hit between the valve and the piston. Therefore, the timing belt must be replaced strictly according to the mileage or time specified originally. During the working of an automobile engine, there are four processes in the cylinder going on one after another: intake, compression, explosion, and exhaust, each of which must be matched with the movement and position of the piston to make sure that the intake and exhaust coordinate with the movements of the piston. To draw a conclusion, car belts act as a "bridge" in the engine, which transmits power to the corresponding parts as the crankshaft operates.

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