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Routine Maintenance Procedures for Lawn Mowers

The tool often used in the construction of urban environment is the lawn mower. Today, I will mainly tell you about the maintenance procedures of the lawn mower.

1. Maintenance of the blade

(1) Regularly check the connection between the blade and the coupling sleeve. When the blade hits other objects during use, it should be checked in time.

(2) When grinding the blade, the original angle and direction of the blade should be followed, and the amount of sharpening on both sides should be equal, and static balance should be done after sharpening.

(3) Before reinstalling the blade, lubricate the crankshaft end and the inner hole surface of the connecting shaft sleeve. The center screw bolt and crankshaft screw hole should also be painted to prevent corrosion in the future and cannot be removed.

2. Maintenance of the cabinet

The inside of the cabinet must be cleaned after each use to prevent the cut grass, leaves, sludge or other debris from attaching to the core and causing rust.

3. Maintenance of the lawn mower carburetor.

4. Maintenance of the conveyor belt

Regarding the driving device (transmission shaft and conveyor belt) of the walking part, clean it and replace the grease once after two years of operation. In addition, the conveyor belt should be checked on a daily basis. If excessive wear is found, the lawn mower drive belt replacement should be done.

5. The front and rear rollers should be lubricated with light engine oil at least once every season.

6. The rotating shaft of the walking clutch rod should be dripped with lubricating oil regularly to prevent corrosion.

7. Weeds, waste residue or dust on the protective cover should be removed every day to prevent damage to the engine due to overheating or overspeeding.

8. When not in use for a long time, the gasoline in the engine should be drained to prevent the gasoline from deteriorating and blocking the carburetor and other parts.

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