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The Application In Printing

A variety of printing processes and post-press need high-quality industrial belts to transmit the motion of a press prime mover to the work of the press. In the process of realizing the function, they make the time occupied by each action as short as possible, so as to shorten each work cycle and improve work efficiency.

The Application In Packaging

The industrial conveyor belt is indispensable equipment in the process of packaging materials. It has excellent resistance to wear, can be continuous, high efficiency, large Angle transport, reduce cost, save manpower, and material resources.


The Application In Chemical And Pharmaceutical

The industrial belt is used in a number of applications in the chemical because of excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical products. It has Strong versatility, easy to use, can improve work efficiency.


The Application In Aerospace

The industrial belt is Suitable for high-speed use. It can resist high-impact conditions, flexible enough to protect against rips and tears, also has a high resistance to abrasion.


The Application In Food Processing

The industrial belt is widely used in food processing. It can satisfy different demands for customer mechanical equipment. It greatly reduces workers to food processing and packaging handling work effectively improves productivity, reduces production costs.


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