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Rubber Speed Bumps Avoid Many Accidents

1. The role of rubber speed bumps

Speed bumps refer to road bumps that can reduce speed. They can greatly reduce the speed of fast-speeding cars where speed reduction is required. This gives drivers sufficient emergency time to greatly reduce traffic accidents.

2. Benefits of rubber speed bumps

In general, speed bumps are divided into cast steel speed bumps and rubber speed bumps. Cast steel speed bumps are usually used in places where large and heavy vehicles need to access, and they are more suitable for large tonnage vehicles. Rubber speed bumps for driveway are usually set at the gates of residential buildings, where cars and small vehicles access frequently.

The advantage of rubber speed bumps for driveway is that the impact on vehicles is relatively small, and the damage to the shock absorption facilities of the vehicle is also relatively small. They have avoided many accidents and protected our safety.

The stability and melting resistance of rubber speed bumps are very important for long-term use. They should be free of problems such as deformation, fracture, spalling after various environmental tests. The elongation at break and tensile strength should meet the specified requirements.

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