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Snowblower Drive Belt Replacement

This article provides step-by-step guidance to replace the snow thrower drive belt (or snowblower V belt) on the snowblower. The most common reason for a snowblower drive belt replacement is if the wheel or auger does not turn because the belt is worn, improperly adjusted, or broken. It usually needs to be replaced every year or two, depending on how much snowblower drive belt is used.

Guidance of simplicity snowblower drive belt replacement


Disconnect the spark plug wire

Pull the spark plug wire straight up and off the plug.


Remove the belt cover

Using a socket and ratchet, remove the bolt that holds the belt over the snowblower frame. Remove the belt cover.


Remove the belt

Pull the auger belt off of the engine pulley.


Remove the frame panel

Tilt the snowblower forward against the screw cap. Remove the screws of the frame panel fixed between the wheels. Open the panel to access the drive system components.


Remove the belt keeper

Loosen the hex nut and remove the belt keeper.


Remove the belt

Before removing the belt, pay attention to its direction. Press down on the drive engagement lever with a spring clip. Remove the belt from the auger pulley. Rotate the belt 90 degrees to slide it over the pulley bolt and pull it out.


Install the new snowblower V belt

Insert the new belt into the screw pulley. Check that the belt is fully inserted into the pulley groove, not on the outside of the break or belt keeper.

Reinstall the belt keeper.


Reinstall the frame panel.

Reinstall the frame panel. Pivot the snowblower V belt upright so it rests on its tires.


Install the snowblower V belt on the engine pulley

Position the belt on the engine pulley and roll it in place. Reinstall the belt cover.


Test the snowblower

Reconnect the spark plug wire. Fill the tank with gas and test the snowblower.

How to save money on snowblower V belt replacement

Do you want to save money on the car repair cost? With this small job, you can do it yourself, completely eliminating labor costs. It's pretty simple if you're not sure if you're doing it right, you can have a mechanic check it for you once you're done.

You can also find your own source of parts and compare labor costs between different mechanics to find the best deal. There aren't many ways to save money on this simple repair, but doing it yourself is definitely the most economical way.

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