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Snowmobile Drive Belt and Steering System

Although there are some differences, the snowmobile drive belt is similar to the drive belt of a tank. The snowmobile drive belt is made of lighter rubber, which can increase mobility and speed. However, the drive belt of the tank is made of rigid materials because they must be able to withstand shocks and explosions when carrying heavy objects. The drive belt of the tank can steer and drive the vehicle while the snowmobile drive belt is controlled by handlebars and snowboards. In some cases, the drive belt turns successfully while the wheels often fail. For example, the drive belt can spread the weight of the vehicle to a larger surface for smooth driving on soft, smooth or unstable ground. However, wheeled cars cannot gain traction on these grounds.

Drive belts can prevent heavy snowmobiles from sinking into soft snow, just like spread the weight of a person over a larger area by snowboards and snowshoes. Snowmobile drive belts also provide traction on smooth surfaces such as snow and ice, where ordinary wheeled vehicles will slip. Friction between the snowmobile and the surface will be formed in large areas and rough tread so as to provide the snowmobile with greater grip. The majority of snowmobiles have pointed bolts on their drive belts. The function is like a wedge on a sneaker, which will a little penetrate into the ice or hard snow and small holes will be cut in the surface. The aim is to ensure that the drive belt can grasp the ice tighter in slippery places. The snowmobile can be steered by turning the handle, which is the same as the method of operating a bicycle or a motorcycle. The handle is connected with a connecting rod near the front end of the snowmobile while the connecting rod is connected with a ski mounted on the bottom bracket of the snowmobile. When turning the handle, the ski will turn in the same direction.

The width and size of the snowmobile ski vary with the terrain, and it can also be divided into single-track and double-track skis. Wide skis will transfer the weight of the snowmobile to a larger area so that it can float higher from the surface of the snow. However, narrow skis are suitably for rapid steering. The shock absorber plays an important role in providing a comfortable and stable driving experience. The purpose of springs and shock absorbers is similar to that of mountain bikes, in which drivers use the mobility of the snowboard and the stability of the conveyor belt vehicle to drive their vehicle.

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