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supercharger belt

Superchargers in cars started out as superchargers, known as superchargers at the time of their invention. After the invention of Turbo Supercharger, to distinguish between the two. The Turbo Supercharger was called the Turbo Supercharger, while the Mechanical Supercharger was called the Mechanical Supercharger. Over time, both were simplified to Turbocharger and supercharger, respectively.

The driving force of the supercharger compressor comes from the engine crankshaft, which is usually connected with the crankshaft pulley by a belt.

The supercharger driven by engine power is the same as the above parts, which will bring additional burden to the engine, therefore, the supercharger itself running resistance must be as small as possible, so as not to drag on the engine's work efficiency, engine speed can be faster. A high-quality car belt can reduce the resistance between the engine and other parts. Shanjing manufactures high-quality auto serpentine belts and automotive v belts for your car supercharger.

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