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The Main Impact of Dust on Solar Traffic Signal Lights

People always thought that the major problem faced by solar traffic signal lights in its using process is the conversion rate of solar battery energy. However, with the maturity of solar energy technology, this technology has been developed and improved. Besides, the other problem is the impact of dust on the equipment. We can also think of dust covering the solar panels, which will seriously affect the solar panels' absorption of solar energy, so that the converted electrical energy will also be reduced.

With the development of the past few years, a certain investigation is conducted according to the influence of dust on the energy conversion rate of solar traffic signal light batteries. The results of the investigation are mainly reflected in the following aspects: when a lot of dust accumulates on the solar traffic signal light to a certain degree, it will affect the solar panel’s ability to absorb solar energy and reduce the energy conversion rate in the equipment panel, which also shortens the continuous power supply time of the solar cell, and it can be shortened from the first 7 days to the later 3~4 days. In severe cases, the battery board of the device cannot be charged. These phenomena are reflected in a large number of users, which makes users doubt the service life of solar traffic signal lights.

In view of this situation, we need to clean up the solar traffic signal lights regularly and make sure that the dust does not affect the operation of the equipment. At the same time, some maintenance should be carried out on the equipment to prevent other factors besides dust from affecting the equipment in its using process.

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