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water pump belt

The role of the pump belt is the engine to drive the water pump operation of the transmission belt. In fact, the "pump belt" parts are connected to the engine crankshaft, water pumps, generators, steering pump, and air conditioning compressor parts. Of course, so many parts are not only connected by a belt. Usually, two or three car belts are connected to some mechanical equipment in the system. For example, one belt is connected to the crankshaft - pump - generator, while the other is connected to the pump steering pump. You may even encounter an air conditioning compressor drive belt.

These car drive belts are called "pump belt", "generator belt", or "compressor belt" according to the actual situation. These car belts, driven by the crankshaft, transfer power to the appropriate pumps, generators, compressors, driving them completely.

The pump is usually driven by the crankshaft of the engine through the automotive v belts. The transmission belt surrounds between the crankshaft belt wheel and the pump belt wheel. The crankshaft turns the pump shaft to follow the operation, and the pump shaft drives the impeller to rotate. Thus transforming the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.

Common forms of water pump damage: water pump shell, clamp groove, and impeller rupture; Flange matching hole of belt wheel is loose; Water seal, aging and damage; Pump shaft wear, bearing wear, etc.

Of course, the pump belt is very important. Shanjing supplies high-quality serpentine belt and automotive v belts which can be used for water pump. 

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