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What are the Differences between Rubber Speed Bumps and Cast Steel Speed Reducer?

The speed reducing belt is a traffic facility installed on the highway to slow down the vehicles passing by. Its shape is generally strip-shaped, but also dot-shaped, the material is mainly rubber, but even metal, generally yellow and black to attract visual attention. The speed reducing belt makes the road arch a little to achieve the purpose of vehicle deceleration and is generally set at the highway intersection, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, entrances to residential areas where vehicles need to slow down and where traffic accidents are likely to occur and are used to slow down the speed of motor vehicles, non-motorized vehicles, and new traffic safety settings. It is a new type of special facilities for traffic safety, which can make cars safe while driving and improve the safety of traffic intersections by buffering and decelerating.

The most common application in life is rubber speed bumps, and the following will show you the different functions of these two types of speed reducers.

Advantages of rubber speed bumps

Rubber speed reducer has excellent shock absorption, compression resistance, long life, less wear and tear on the car, less noise, yellow and black, distinct color, no need to repaint every year, beautiful and generous.

Advantages of cast steel speed bumps

Cast steel speed bumps are made of special steel, yellow and black in color, with a loading capacity of 200 tons or more, and are commonly used in highways, gas stations, city intersections, toll stations, and other motor vehicle exit areas with more than 200 tons. Cast steel speed bumps are highly resistant to wear, have a high load capacity, and do not deform; they last 5-10 times longer than rubber speed bumps. If the rubber reduction pad breaks, a new pad cannot be installed in the original position, and the screws left in the old position can cause serious wear and tear to the tires, which can be a safety hazard. Cast steel speed reducer pads can be an effective solution to these problems, especially in areas where there are many heavy vehicles passing by.

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