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What Are the Different Colored Traffic Cones Used For?

Warning traffic cones, also known as roadblocks, are used to be placed in the middle of roads, dangerous areas, and road construction sections. Warning traffic cones are generally located around places that need to temporarily separate traffic, guide traffic, guide vehicles to bypass dangerous road sections and protect construction site facilities and personnel or other appropriate locations. It is usually used in urban intersections, highway maintenance, traffic police law enforcement, road administration law enforcement, hotels, communities, sports venues, dangerous areas, road construction sites, etc.

The traffic cone colors mainly include red, yellow, and blue.

(1) The red traffic cone is mainly used in outdoor traffic. Because red is very attractive and has a strong warning effect, it is usually used at the intersection of urban traffic roads, as well as in sidewalks and outdoor parking lots to serve as an isolation warning.

(2) Yellow traffic cones are mainly used in indoor parking lots. Because of the dim light, the use of yellow traffic cones for traffic facilities can attract the attention of drivers.

(3) Blue traffic cones are generally used on special occasions, such as schools, some public sports venues, and Japanese airports.

Because of their small size and flexible retractable, different coloured traffic cones have been widely used on different occasions. Foldable warning cones are currently popular in the market because of their portability and ease of retraction. For example, Firewolf folding warning cones are widely used in dangerous areas, urban road lanes, hotels, communities, and construction sections.

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