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What is the Use Principle of the Reflective Road Cone?

Reflective road cones are also known as traffic cones and conical road signs. There are two main types of materials: rubber and plastic. Plastic is more weather-resistant, environmentally friendly, and more flexible than rubber. The three main colors of road cones are red, yellow, and blue. Red is mainly used for outdoor traffic, city intersection lanes, outdoor parking lots, sidewalks, and separation warnings between buildings. Yellow is mainly used indoors in dimly lit areas such as parking lots. Blue is used for some special occasions.

What are the uses of reflective traffic cones for traffic facilities engineering?

Traffic cones can be used on all road hazards, construction sites, and large event sites in order to reduce road accidents and trampling accidents at large site events. Reflective traffic cones are similar to reflective undershirts for traffic police.

Features and functions of traffic cones.

(1) It has good flexibility and will not be damaged even when hit by hard objects.  

(2) It is sunlight-proof, not afraid of wind and rain, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, not cracked, not discolored.

(3) Its white and red color is eye-catching, and it can reflect a dazzling light at night so that drivers can see it at a glance.

Traffic cone principle of action.

The reflective road cone is made by applying the principle of regressive reflection of glass beads with a high refractive index and the reflection principle of the micro-diamond shape of the reflective lattice through an advanced process of post-focusing treatment. It reflects direct light from a distance back to the luminescence and has good anti-reflective optical properties both day and night. Especially at night, it provides the same high visibility as during the day. The use of reflective road cones made of this high-visibility reflective print makes it easier for the user to be spotted by night drivers, regardless of whether the user is at a distance or in the presence of bright or scattered light. The advent of reflective materials has successfully solved the overnight driving problem of "seeing" and "being seen."

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