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What Should You Know about Replacing the Car Belts?

What will happen if the engine belt is damaged and not replaced in time? A broken engine belt is a big deal. Not only does the maintenance cost vary from a few hundred to a few hundred, and if the number of repairs is more than one thousand, a good car can even tens of thousands. For ordinary families, this maintenance cost can be considered relatively high. Therefore, if car maintenance is done, it will also reduce a lot of unnecessary costs for car owners.

What problems can a broken car belt cause? A broken car belt will generally cause the car to stall and fail to catch fire. It is worth noting that you should never start the car again to avoid burning other car lines and reduce losses. Be sure to check the number of kilometers. If you have reached a certain number of kilometers, you should go to the 4S store to replace it in time. Don't take a fluke. Normally, belt breakage and damage are unexpected events.

Riders should also regularly check the damage to the belt of the car, open the cover, if you see that the hardness of the belt is reduced, the surface is cracked, the fiber is broken, and the abrasion indicates that the belt has been damaged to a considerable extent. At this time, do not continue to use it. If you replace it, it is recommended to replace the water pump. Although each car has a warranty manual, it will tell you which part and how long or how many kilometers to replace. Like engine oil, gear oil, you can change it outside of the manufacturer's regulations. But note that the car belt must be replaced according to regulations!

Let's imagine, if you happen to be driving on a highway, and suddenly, the engine belt breaks, and you have important things waiting for you to deal with, so if you are unlucky and have to call a trailer and then take a taxi to handle things by myself. If things get worse, the engine will be scrapped. Therefore, the belt must be replaced in time when the belt is aging. This is a particularly important maintenance step.

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